Jayson IwenJayson Iwen is a poet, novelist, editor, translator, and recipient of numerous literary honors, including an Academy of American Poets Award, the Emergency Press International Book Award, the Cleveland State University Poetry Center’s Ruthanne Willey Memorial Novella Award, and a Hewlett Foundation grant. His writing has appeared in over forty different journals, with recent work reprinted in The &Now Awards 3: The Best Innovative Writing. His published books are Six Trips in Two Directions (2006), A Momentary Jokebook (2008), and Gnarly Wounds (2013). His collaborative translation of Jawdat Fakhreddine’s Lighthouse for the Drowning was recently published as part of BOA Editions’ Lannan Translation Series, and his edited collection of poems by Jawdat Haydar, 101 Selected Poems, has been translated into French and published by Editions Dar An-Nahar. Iwen also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the online journal New Theory.


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